Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
Maximum Label Length
Print Mode
Media Tracking
Mode Protection
Media Type
Set Units of Measurement
Modify Head Cold Warning
Select the Primary Network Device
Network Connect
Change Network Settings
Network ID Number
Set All Network Printers Transparent
Change Wired Networking Settings
Set Currently Connected Printer Transparent
Advanced Text Properties
Slew Given Number of Dot Rows
Slew to Home Position
Present Length Addition
Printing Mirror Image of Label
Present Now
Print Orientation
Programmable Pause
Print Quantity
Print Rate
Applicator Reprint
Print Start
Print Width
Reset Advanced Counters
Set Serial Communications
Set Darkness
Select Encoding Table
Serialization Field (with a Standard ^FD String)
Set Sensor Intensity
Serialization Data
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