Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
Graphing Sensor Calibration
Early Warning Settings
Start ZBI (Zebra BASIC Interpreter)
Start ZBI (Zebra BASIC Interpreter)
Set Auxiliary Port
Set Label Length
Set Dots per Millimeter
Head Test Fatal
Head Test Non-Fatal
Pause and Cancel Format
Terminate Zebra BASIC Interpreter
Power On Reset
Sensor Select
Change Backfeed Sequence
Head Test Interval
Configuration Update
Set Ribbon Tension
Cancel Current Partially Input Format
Reprint After Error
Kill Battery (Battery Discharge Mode)
Select Date and Time Format (for Real Time Clock)
Define Language
Define Printer Name
Kiosk Values
List Font Links
Label Home
Label Length
Label Reverse Print
Label Shift
Label Top
Set Maintenance Alerts
Map Clear
Media Darkness
Media Feed
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