Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
5.4 Cleaning Thermal Print Head
After printing, the print head becomes very hot. Be careful not to touch it
and to let it cool before you clean it.
Do not damage the print head by touching it with your fingers or any hard
Turn off the printer, open the top cover and remove ribbon, clean the thermal elements of
the print head with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol solvent (ethanol, methanol, or
Be gentle with the cleaning so as not to damage the printhead.
We recommend cleaning the thermal print head periodically (generally every 3 months) to
maintain print quality.
5.5 Maintenance
DL-200 is designed for a long and reliable lifetime. But periodic maintenance is recommended
in order to assure error free working. This also would guarantee the good print quality over the
life time. It is recommended to clean the printer once every six months or after 300 hours duty.
Before cleaning, switch off the printer, wait a few seconds and unplug the power cord.
Open the cover and remove the dust, paper shreds and other debris from inside by using a
soft vacuum cleaner or a brush.
In order to remove the dirt, you can wipe clean the machine with a soft cloth dipped in
alcohol instead of the ketone or TEC solvent which may cause damage to the plastic parts.
Please be aware that excessive moisture will lead to the improper functioning of electronic
Clean the platen roller with soft cloth.
While you are cleaning the printer, in order to avoid short circuit, do not damage or loose the
cable or electronic parts, do not drop metal material inside, such as Paper Clips or Pins.
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