Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
Your printer is extremely reliable, but occasionally problems may occur. This chapter provides
information on some of the common problems you may encounter and how you may solve
them. If you encounter problems that you cannot resolve, please contact your dealer for
Read the following instructions before maintenance and avoid incorrect operation, so as to
prevent injury to you and damage to the printer.
5.1 Common Issues
LED Indication and Buzzer Alarm
Possible Cause
What to do?
No LEDs on
Unplug power cord
Check power cord and plug it properly
Turn off printer
Turn on printer
PCB damaged
Contact service representatives
Power sounce unavailable
Check the cable and adapter, or change another
cable or/and adapter.
Shut down
Check the cable and adapter, or change another
cable or/and adapter.
Status LED always on
Media end
Re-load media
Error LED always on
Print head mechanism open
Close the print head mechanism
Status LED blinks
Label remains in peeler
Remove label
Ribbon end
Replace ribbon
Error LED blinks and
buzzer alarms
Thermal print head
Turn the printer off and wait some minutes before
Print with specified voltage
Print with specified voltage
Power LED and Error
LED fast blink three
time, buzzer alarms
three times
Gap sensor error alarm. The
black mark sensor does not
align with the receiving
sensor, that it, two triangles
do not align.
Move around the black mark sensor, so that the its
triangle aligns with another on the center housing.
Press feed button after
power on, Error LED
slowly blinks once and
then fast blinks three
times; buzzer alarms
four times
Cutter error alarm. Enable
cutter function but without
cutter installation.
Disable the cutter in the tool.
Error LED fast blinks
Gap detection error.
1. Use continuous paper but set label in the tool.
Chage to lael pape i the tool.
2. Due to sensor error or other problems, the
sensor cound not detect the gap. Clean or/and
adjust the media sensor.
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