Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
3.8 Update Firmware
Dascom is not liable for any damage if customers are doing a firmware update by
themselves. If power is switched off during the process, the printer may be
damaged afterwards.
(1) Preparation
USB cable, 24V power adapter, DL-200 setup tool, firmware file.
(2) Connection
Connect printer and host with USB cable firmly. Check the Device Manager, if connection is
suessful, U“B pitig suppot ill displa ude uiesal seial Bus Cotolles dieto.
Otherwise, please check the connection between printer and USB interface, please check
whether the Driver installation is successful or not.
(3) Enter Update Mode
Lift up top cover and turn up print head mechanism
Hold down Feed Key and switch on printer simultaneously. Release Feed Key once powering
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