Tally Dascom DL-200 User Guide V1.1
3.5 WLAN Interface Setup
If your printer connected to the computer with Wireless Ethernet, there are two kinds of modes: AP
mode and STA mode.
AP means Access Point (AdHoc Mode). When the printer is working under AP mode, it works as
an access point to the cable network for the user.
STA means Station mode (Infra Structure Mode). When the printer is working under STA mode, it
works as a wireless terminal device. It is discoverable and choose access point.
We would suggest you use AP mode for your initial usage. Factory setting: AP mode, at the
convenience of users to change Wi-Fi parameters. Users can get access via setup tool to change
Wi-Fi parameters, such as IP address, network name, or switching to STA mode.
(1) Connect the PC to the printer with a USB cable. Turn on the printer.
(2) “elet U“B itefae i the setup tool. Ad the lik Wi-нi “etup.
(3) You could change the working mode, SSID, DHCP, IP address or other settings. And then enter
Confirm to save the new setting.
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