RJ12 Combined Data Socket Detail
Pin Signal
Direction Description
1 Not Used Do Not Connect
2 Not Used Do Not Connect
3 To Printer RS-232 Rx data
4 To Host RS-232 Tx data
5 To Host RS-232 Busy
6 --- 0V Common (RS-232 signal return and Charger return)
An optional serial data cable suitable for connecting the printer to a standard PC is available. (Note: This
cable features an integrated charger connector in the housing of the DB-9 connector which is not required
for this printer. Please make no connection to this integrated connector.)
The connections to a standard PC COM port are as follows:
DB-9 Pin Name Description (refers to PC) RJ12 Pin
3 TxD Serial Data Output 3
2 RxD Serial Data Input 4
6 & 8 CTS & DSR Busy Input 5
5 SGND Signal Common 0V 6
The DT-520 printers are fully EMC (Electro-Magnetic Compatibility) compliant and are CE marked
accordingly. A Declaration of Conformity, in accordance with the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC (and as
amended) is available on request.
EMC Caution
System EMC compliance remains the responsibility of the system designer. It is recommended that
shielded cables are used; grounding arrangements will depend on the application.
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