The Status Indicator at the front of the printer has a number of color combinations, which repeat in up to a
4-phase pattern to provide status information (see table below).
In summary, if the indicator is constant green it indicates that the printer is operating normally. Flashing
on and off indicates that Spooling mode is active and no printing can take place. Red warns of a low
power supply voltage or other problem.
No light indicates that the unit is off.
Status Indicator Pattern Table
Pattern Power Status Buffer Mode
Constant Green Running Normal
Fast Flashing Green Running Spooling *
Long Green - Short Red Low Voltage Normal
Short Green - Short Red Low Voltage Spooling *
Fast Flashing Red Error Condition Spooling (Printing prohibited)
No light Printer is Off
* (Spooling Mode may have resulted from Paper Out or Paper Door Open conditions)
Although this table may seem complicated, few applications will produce many of the combinations.
Other Status Indicator Patterns
Other patterns may be programmed into the printer by the system designer.
Please refer to the Programmer’s Manual for details of how to configure these functions.
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