Pressing the paper feed button when the printer is idle advances paper at typically two inches per
second, depending on the power supply voltage. However, the paper feed button has several additional
A single press and release of the button:
in idle or spooling mode, advances paper;
in sleep mode, wakes up the printer into idle mode;
"Double-clicking" the button: (i.e. pressing and releasing twice in quick succession just like a PC mouse)
in idle mode, prints a self test message including the firmware version, encoded calibration
data, and the full character set;
in spooling mode, or having been out of paper, prints any stored data and enters idle mode.
Some of the functions of the paper feed button can be invoked or disabled under control of the host.
The procedure for loading paper is as follows:
1. Slide the Lid Release Button forwards until the Lid springs open.
2. Unwind a small amount of paper from the roll and Insert the Paper Roll into the Printer.
3. Close the Lid down, and the paper is loaded.
After loading, check that the paper advances properly, and tear off any excess by pulling the paper
sharply towards you across the serrated tear bar. In the event of a jam or other paper loading problem,
release the lid and straighten the paper before closing again.
A reflective optical Paper Out sensor within the mechanism detects an out-of-paper condition, and/or
senses black marks to register with pre-printed forms. A mechanical sensor detects when the paper lid is
By default, the printer enters Spooling mode automatically if either sensor becomes active. Spooling
mode is automatically exited, and any stored data printed, when new paper is loaded and the lid closed.
This behavior may be modified. Please refer to the Programmers’ Manual for details of how to configure
these functions.
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