The printer has two operating modes when not actually printing:
"Idle Mode": ready to accept data, but no data are in the buffer awaiting printing, and the printer is
not printing;
"Spooling Mode": active, but storing data for later printing.
Modes are indicated by different color combinations on the front-panel Status Indicator. No light is
emitted in sleep mode.
There is no power switch, the printer is permanently powered on when the power supply is attached.
In idle mode, the printer is ready to receive data which will be printed as soon as complete lines or
graphics patterns are decoded. It responds to the paper feed button in the normal way, and can also
produce a self test printout.
In spooling mode, data are received and stored, but not printed. This is useful when printing needs to be
suppressed during data transfer (for example in mobile radio systems); or when the printer is unable to
print because the paper has run out or the lid is open.
The printer will automatically enter spooling mode when the paper is out, when the paper lid is open, if
some other error condition occurs, or alternatively by command from the host. Spooling mode may be
cleared by host command, automatically when the error condition is cleared, or by "double-clicking" the
feed button.
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