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Programming via the
control panel
Apart from being able to control your printer via the applications soft-
ware you use, you can also program the printer directly. There are
two programming options you can use:
`Programming via the control panel.
`Programming via the interface using Escape sequences or control
Settings made by escape sequences have priority over set-
tings made in menu mode; therefore they will override these.
Informations on Escape sequences can be found in
Appendix C, Emulations (page 125).
Programming via the interface gives you far greater freedom for de-
signing your printed pages, however, it is also a more sophisticated
method and requires some experience with programming languag-
es and printer control systems.
All programming via the interface is lost after you turn off the printer,
whereas the programming carried out using the control panel, is
saved and stored even after you turn off the printer.
Enabling access to
menu mode
The menu can be locked by default to protect it from accidental or
unauthorised access.
Proceed as follows to release this lock temporarily.
1Switch off the printer for approx. 5 seconds.
2Switch the printer on again keeping the Setup key pressed.
For information on how to enable access permanently and
about the available settings, refer to the section Menu lock
(MenLock) (page 62).
Calling up the menu You can access the menu in the following way:
Press the Setup key. The printer switches to Setup mode. (The Set-
up mode can be selected both in the Online and Offline mode.)
To access the printer menu, press the key directly underneath the
word Menu (1).
Adjust Paperway
Menu Char
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