Specifications User Guide
Paper quality Light pulp paper of medium fine quality, paper bea-
ring the quality mark SM Post and photocopy paper
are suitable for use.
Unsuitable are: satin-finish or coated papers, imita-
tion art papers, and embossed papers.
Since paper as natural material reacts strongly to
environmental influences (e.g. humidity, tempera-
ture), the place of storage should be selected care-
fully. We recommend that this kind of paper should
be tested extensively before larger quantities are
Should papers with a dark reverse side be used,
these should also be tested for their functionality.
Please pay attention to the use of infrared reflecting
colors, when acquiring these papers.
Passbooks Passbooks shall be free of any metallic parts such
as staples or metal clips.
Adhesion of any form of stamps or seals is prohibi-
ted, as the reliability will be impaired.
Passbooks should not have any pages of a smaller
size than the cover pages.
Passbooks should have no tears, creases, folds or
loose stitched.
Level the pages before use at the time when you
open a folded passbook. Warp of pages will degrade
the reliability.
When you open a folded passbook, curve forms
where the pages are bound in the center of the
passbook. If the curved part is too large, such
passbooks may be not used.
D ĂŶƚĞŶŝŵŝĞŶƚŽW ĞƌŝĨĠƌŝĐŽƐ/ŶĨŽƌŵĂƚŝĐŽƐ ͬ ĂŶƚĞƌĂƐ͕ϭϱϮϴϴϲϬW ĂƌĂĐĂƵĞůůŽƐĚĞ:ĂƌĂŵĂ;D ĂĚƌŝĚͿdĞů͗ϬϬϯϰϵϭϳϰϴϭϲϬϰt Ğď ͗ŚƚƚƉƐ͗ͬͬŵƉŝ͘ĐŽŵ͘ĞƐͬ
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