Ordercode: 50396
Single DP-1
Description of the device
The Showtec Single DP-1 is a 1-channel DMX dimmer/switch. It is possible to mount the Single DP-1 to any
wall, truss or a fixture which makes it suitable for any location.
Input voltage: 230V AC, 50Hz
Output: 10A Schuko output
Connections: 3-pin DMX signal connector IN/OUT
50 mm dimming fader
DMX channels: 1 channel
Housing: Metal & flame retardant plastic
Color: Grey
Fuse: F10L/250V
Dimensions: 100 x 80 x 195 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 1,4 kg
Fig. 01
01) 10A Schuko OUT
Connect a light source.
02) Manual dimming fader (HTP)
Move the fader up and down, to adjust the dimmer brightness.
03) LED display + control buttons
04) Fuse F10L/250V
05) 230V AC Schuko power cable (1,25 m)
06) 3-pin DMX signal connector IN
07) 3-pin DMX signal connector OUT
HTP (Highest Takes Precedence)
If the DMX input value is higher than the fader (02) value, then the DMX input will take precedence over
the fader input. Similarly, if the fader (02) value is higher than the DMX input value, then the fader input
will take precedence over the DMX input.
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