Tally Dascom 1125
8 General Specifications
Print System Mono-chrome serial impact dot matrix
Print Technology Uni-/bi-directional logic seeking for text and graphics
Print Speed
Pitch HS Draft LQ (CPS/DPI)
10 CPI 375/80H 83/360H
12 CPI 300/120H 100/360H
15 CPI 375/120H 125/360H
17 .1 CPI 426/120H 142/360H
20 CPI 500/120H 166/360H
Font Matrix
Pitch HS Draft Draft LQ (Matrix/DPI)
10 CPI 8x24/80H 12x24/120H 36x24/360H
12 CPI 10x24/120H 10x24/120H 30x24/360H
15 CPI 8x16/120H 8x16/120H 24x16/360H
17 .1 CPI 7x24/120H 7x24/120H 21x24/360H
20 CPI 6x24/120H 6x24/120H 18x24/360H
Proportional Nx24/360H Nx24/360H Nx24/360H
Print Head
Number of pins: 24 pins
Firing frequency: Normal mode: 1500 Hz
Pin diameter: 0.2 mm
Life: 400 million strokes @ Draft mode
Graphics 8-bit mode: 8V x 60H, 80H, 90H, 120H, 240H (DPI)
24-bit mode: 24V x 60H, 90H, 120H, 180H, 360H (DPI)
Feed Speed Continuous feed: 5.0 IPS (inches per second)
Resolution 360 x 360 DPI maximum
Characters per line (CPL)
10 CPI: 80 CPL 12
CPI: 96 CPL 15
CPI: 120 CPL 17
.1 CPI: 137 CPL 20
CPI: 160 CPL
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