Tally Dascom 1125
Vertical Alignment
The vertical alignment function is used to resolve any vertical line misalignments in bi-directional printing.
Adjust Vertical Alignment Procedure:
1. Enter the Service Menu by holding down theTear/OffandLF/FFkeys while powering up.
2. Load paper.
3. The printer will print as follows:
Service Menu
LF/FF= OKTear/Off= BackLoad/Eject= NextOnline= Exit
Current SettingVertical Alignment
4. PressLF/FFkey to select the current setting. The printer will print as follows:
Vertical Alignment
LF/FF= OKTear/Off= BackLoad/Eject= NextOnline= Exit
Please select Paper TypeSingle Ply
For single ply paper, pressLF/FFkey to select. For multipart paper, pressLoad/Ejectkey to go
to “Multipart”then pressLF/FFkey to select.
5. If single ply is selected for paper type, the following will print:
Single Ply
Current Print Mode: LQ
PressLoad/Ejectkey to scroll to other print modes if required.
6. If LQ is selected, the following will print:
LF/FF= lower ½ to leftLoad/Eject= lower ½ to rightOnline= Exit
LQ -2:
PressingLF/FForLoad/Ejectkey will allow you to adjust the alignment of the vertical lines
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