Tally Dascom 1125
5 Printer Setting Changes
To meet your own print requirements, the printer configurations may be changed as follows: Hold down the
Tear Off key while powering on the printer, release the Tear Off key when the print head starts to move. The
printer will print out the current settings and then enter Main Menu setup state. Follow the instructions printed
on how to make setting changes. When a new setting is saved, it is retained after the printer has been powered
The Main Menu is grouped into 5 sub-menus: System Setup, Page Setup, Print Setup, Interface Setup and
Advanced Setup. A detailed description of the sub-menus is given below. The settings in bold and italic refer
to the default settings. The settings below are provided in the following order of languages: English,
German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Turkish.
System Setup
Setup Valid Settings Function
Emulation ESC/P2, IBM 2390
Selects the printer emulation. This should be the same as the host
printer driver.
Auto CR
(IBM) Yes, No Yes: LF = LF+CR; No: LF = LF
(Applies to IBM emulation only)
Auto LF Yes, No Yes: CR = CR+LF; No: CR = CR
Print Dir Bi-Dir, Uni-Dir,
Auto: Text & graphics in bi-direction; double height in uni-direction.
Uni-Dir: Prints everything in uni-direction. Bi-dir: Prints everything in
bi-direction. Note: Top position print direction may be affected by Top
Print Dir setting.
Top Print
Dir Bi-Dir, Uni-Dir Bi-dir: Prints top position according to Print Dir setting. Uni-dir: Prints
top position in uni-direction regardless of Print Dir setting.
Impact Normal, Heavy Heavy: Higher impact force for multipart printing
IBM AGM Yes, No Selects the IBM graphic mode. Applies to IBM emulation only
Print Setup
Print Setup Valid Settings Function
The setting here will only be
active when “Font” is set to
“Others” on control panel,
Pitch 10cpi, 12cpi, 15cpi, 17cpi, 20cpi, PS Controls the characters per
inch setting.
Zero 0Selects slashed or no-slash
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