Tally Dascom 1125
Online State
Function Name Switch
Operation LED Function Description
Tear Off {S1} L1, L2 flash
This is valid for tractor mode only. It feeds the form to the
tear-off position. After tearing off the form, printing starts
on the next TOF by:
·pressing S1 once, or
·receiving print data from the host.
LF {S2} - Feeds a line with every press of S2.
FF [S2] -
By holding S2, the printer initially feeds a few lines; then
feeds the form to the next TOF for rear tractor or ejects
the form for cut sheets.
Load/Eject {S3} -
·Load: Automatically loads the paper (according to path
selection) when no paper is on the platen.
·Eject: For rear tractor, it retracts the form from the
platen to allow users to install cut sheets. (NOTE:
Users have to toggle the path selection lever.)
For cut sheets, it ejects the form on the platen.
Setup state [S4] > 3 secs L4 Toggles to Setup state. Indicated by flashing L4.
Clear Buffer [S4]+{S1} - Clears the print buffer and beeps once when completed.
Reset [S4]+[S1] for
longer time -Initializes the printer to the factory default settings. Beeps
3 times when completed.
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