Tally Dascom 1125
Panel Operation
There are 3 states of operation: Online, Setup and Power On.
In the Online state, the keys provide the following functions: Go to Tear Off position, Line Feed/Form feed,
Load/Eject, clear buffer and switch to offline state for access to Setup state.
In the Setup state, the keys provide font selection and micro feed functions.
To enter the Power On state, the user holds down a key or a combination of keys while powering up the printer.
This state provides the following functions: Language Setup, Main Menu setup, Hex-dump, print Main Menu,
access Service Menu, adjust page margins, restore factory defaults, and firmware update.
The followings describe the 3 states in details.
[A] = press and hold switch A
{B} = press and then release switch B [A]+
{B} = press switch B while holding A
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