Tally Dascom 1125
“LF/FF” Key:
Pressing this key will feed paper one line forward. By holding down this key, the printer will initially feed
a few lines, then perform a form feed (continuous paper mode) or eject the form (single sheet mode). In
the setup state, this key performs a reverse micro feed.
“Tear Off” Key:
When online, this key will move any loaded continuous paper to the tear-off position. When in setup state,
this key is used to select the desired font.
Table 4.1
Font Selection Label L1 State L2 State
Draft Off Off
Draft Condensed Off Flash
Roman Off On
Sans Serif On Off
Courier On Flash
Prestige On On
Script Flash Off
Others (see Menu setting) Flash ON
Tear Off Flash Flash
Table 4.2
Switch Top Label Bottom Label
S1 Tear Off Font
S2 LF/FF Micro Feed
S3 Load/Eject Micro Feed
S4 Online 3sec
Table 4.3
LED Label
L3 Power/Paper Out
L4 Online
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