Tally Dascom 1125
4 Control Panel Operation
There are 4 switches S1~S4 and 4 LEDs L1~L4. The meaning and application of each switch and LED are
described below.
LED Indicators
“Power/Paper Out” LED:
On: Power on
Flashing: Paper out
Flashing + buzzer: Paper jam
“Online” LED:
On: The printer is in online state and ready to receive data from the computer.
Off: The printer is in offline state and cannot receive data.
Flashing: The printer is in setup state and cannot receive data.
“Tear Off” LEDs:
Flashing: Indicates continuous paper is at tear-off position; otherwise it indicates the selected font.
Control Panel Keys
“Online” Key:
This key switches the printer between online and offline states. Printing is stopped when the printer is
switched to offline state. When printer is switched to online state again, printing will resume.
When printer is offline, pressing it for 3 seconds or longer will enter the setup state. This is indicated by a
beep sound and the flashing Online LED. By pressing the Online key again will exit the setup state back
to offline state.
“Load/Eject” Key:
When paper is loaded, pressing this key will eject the paper (single sheet mode) or park the paper
(continuous paper mode). When paper is not loaded, pressing this key will load the paper to the starting
print position. In the setup state, this key performs a forward micro feed.
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