Tally Dascom 1125
There are 2 paper feed modes: friction feed and tractor feed. When switching from tractor to cut sheet, the
tractor fed paper can remain loaded in the tractor until the next time it needs to be moved to the printing
position. This feature saves time and provides great flexibility for the user.
Friction Feed Handling
1. Move the paper-feed lever forward to “ ” for friction feed mode.
2. Adjust the print gap lever if necessary.
3. Raise the single sheet feeder until it locks into its mounting. Align the left paper guide with the mark on the
left of the single sheet feeder. Adjust the right paper guide to the width of the paper used.
4. Insert a sheet of paper. Make sure that the bottom edge of the paper engages snugly with the platen.
5. The paper should advance automatically to the print position. The printer is now ready to print in the online
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