Tally Dascom 1125
3 Paper Installation Guide
The printer can handle either single sheets or continuous forms. Single sheets, also called cut sheets, include
envelopes and non-continuous, multipart forms. Continuous forms include labels and multipart forms fed into
the printer using the forms tractors. The printer is able to print 1~5 plies multipart paper.
Do not load paper that has been folded or is damaged, wrinkled, or curled.
Adjusting the Print Gap Lever
The print gap lever is on the left side of the printer inside the top cover. Take care to adjust the print gap lever
to a suitable position whenever you change the number of copies being printed. Using the wrong print gap
may cause print head damage or paper jams.
Paper type Weight (g/m2) / ply Thickness (mm) Gap lever position
Single sheet 52100 0.060.12 1P2P
2-ply 4052 0.120.14
3-ply 4052 0.170.22 3P4P
4-ply 4052 0.230.27
5-ply 4052 0.280.33 5P
Change ribbon --- Above 0.45
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