Tally Dascom 1125
2 Setting Up Printer
Install Ribbon
1. Ensure the power to the printer is off and the print gap lever “ A ” is set to the furthest open position.
Move the carriage to the centre of the print platen.
2. Install the recess positions on the ribbon cassette into the printer mounting.
3. Press the ribbon frame onto the print head.
4. Turn the ribbon knob ƒ in clockwise direction until the ribbon fabric is taut. Move the carriage left and
right to ensure the carriage and ribbon fabric can move smoothly.
5. Ensure the print gap lever “ A ” is set to the original position.
6. Close the printer’s top cover. When printer is in operation, ensure the printer’s top cover is closed to keep
the noise level to a minimum.
Notes on Ribbon Cartridge Removal:
1. Eject any paper loaded in the printer.
2. Turn off the printer power.
3. Open and remove the top cover.
4. Lift up the tear bar.
5. Set the gap lever to the most open position labeled “RIBBON”
6. Move the carriage to the middle. Be careful not to touch the print head if printing had just been performed,
as the print head may be hot.
7 . Remove the blue ribbon frame from the print head.
8. Use fingers to take hold of the handle on the ribbon cartridge firmly, and lift the cartridge upwards to
unlatch it. Some force may be needed to unlatch the cartridge.
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