Tally Dascom 1125
1 Unpacking Guide
·Place your packaged printer on a solid base.
·Make sure that the “Up” symbols point in the correct direction.
·Open the packaging, lift the printer out of the cardboard box and remove the remaining packaging
·Check the printer for any visible transport damage and missing items. If you find any transport
damage or if any accessories are missing, please contact your dealer. The following items should be
oPaper feed knob
oPaper feed tray
oPower cord
oRibbon cartridge
oInstallation Guide
Remove the packaging materials from the printer as follows:
1. Remove the tape on the paper feed lever.
2. Remove other visible tape on the printer.
3. Open and remove the top cover of the printer.
4. Remove the shipping cardboard from around the print head.
5. Install the paper feed knob.
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