Product Overview
FocusBT™ is an Area Imager enabled with Bluetooth® wireless technology that
outperforms the competition by integrating advanced features to both hand-held
and presentation mode scanning such as FirstFlash® scanning, automatic aim
line, object detection and RangeGate® to optimize efficiency and productivity
while providing the freedom of mobility.
FocusBT has been designed with a removable battery pack for remote charging
to decrease down time caused by having a dead battery. Two battery packs are
supplied so the user can simultaneously scan while remotely charging the spare
battery. The benefits of this feature are 24/7 scanning and increased throughput
for all enterprise applications.
FocusBT is the industry leader in Area Imaging and the added benefits of
Bluetooth technology along with a rich feature set, make it the scanner of choice
for 2D wireless applications.
MS1633 – 5
BT Interface 1.2
Bluetooth technology Profile Supported:
SPP (Serial Port Profile)
Decoding and functional capability of the unit is restricted through the
use of license numbers provided by Metrologic. Units will not support
key features such as, but not limited to, the ability to decode PDF, 2D or
OCR fonts without the proper licenses. Desired licenses can be
specified at the time of sale or call a Metrologic representative for more
information. Standard models ship with the ability to read all 1D, PDF
and 2D bar codes. OCR fonts are disabled by default and must be
specifically requested at an additional cost.
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