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The MS1633 FocusBT is part of Metrologic's line of scanners with flash
upgradeable firmware. The upgrade process requires a new firmware file
supplied to the customer by a customer service representative and Metrologic's
MetroSet2 software. A personal computer running Windows 2000 or greater
with an available USB port is also required to complete the upgrade.
FocusBT can only be upgraded via USB using a Bluetooth USB Adapter
dongle (MLPN 00-05176) and software CD (MLPN 46-00374). The dongle
is used to emulate a serial port on the host PC that FocusBT can
connect to. The dongle and associated drivers must be installed on the
host PC prior to the flash upgrade process.
To upgrade the firmware in the MS1633:
1. Connect the USB Dongle to an available port on the host PC and establish
a connection via Bluetooth technology to the scanner. When the scanner
is successfully connected it will beep once and the blue LED will stop
2. Start the MetroSet2 software.
3. Click on the plus sign (+) next to POS Scanners to expand the supported
scanner list.
4. Choose the FocusBT from the list.
5. Click on the Configure FocusBT Scanner button.
6. Select the COM port that the scanner is connected to on the host system.
7. Choose Flash Utility from the options list located on the left side of the
8. Click on the Open File button in the Flash Utility window.
9. Locate and open the flash upgrade file supplied by Metrologic.
10. Click on the Flash Scanner button to begin the flash upgrade.
11. When the upgrade is complete, a “Scanner updated successfully”
message will appear in the Flash Utility window. The scanner will reboot.
Metrologic's customer service department can be reached at
1-800-ID-METRO or 1-800-436-3876.
 MetroSet2 is available for download, at no additional cost, from
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