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Visual Indicators
Steady White
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code it will beep once and the
white LED will turn on indicating data is being transmitted.
After a successful scan, the scanner transmits the data to the host
device. Some communication modes require that the host inform the
scanner when data is ready to be received. If the host is not ready to
accept the information, the scanner’s white LED will remain on until the
data can be transmitted.
Alternating Flashing of Blue and White
This indicates the scanner is in configuration mode. A short razzberry tone
indicates that an invalid bar code has been scanned while in this mode.
Flashing Blue
The blue LED will flash if the trigger is pressed while the scanner is in the
in-stand presentation mode. The blue LED will stop flashing after a brief
period of time.
The operation range of communication for Bluetooth wireless technology is
approximately 10 meters between the scanner and host system. If the unit is
out of range, the communication link will break, the blue LED will start to flash,
and the unit will emit a double razz tone. The blue LED will continue to blink
for 30 seconds while the unit is out of rage. If RangeGate or Inventory mode
are not enabled, the scanner will enter sleep mode to conserve battery power
after 30 seconds.
Failure Modes
Long Razzberry Tone – During Power Up
Failed to initialize or configure the scanner. If the scanner does not respond
after reprogramming, return the scanner for repair.
Short Razzberry Tone – During Scanning
An invalid bar code has been scanned when in configuration mode or the
trigger has been pulled too fast.
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