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Communication via Bluetooth wireless technology must be established
between the FocusBT and the host device before the FocusBT can be used
for normal operation.
In a network with Bluetooth technology, the FocusBT can operate as a server
(service-provide mode), or as a client.
When FocusBT Acts as a Server to Other Devices with
Bluetooth Technology
FocusBT’s default is to act as a server to other devices with Bluetooth
technology. In this mode, other devices enabled with Bluetooth wireless
technology can initiate a connection to the scanner.
FocusBT can be configured to always accept incoming connection requests and
not require a valid Bluetooth PIN. Alternatively, FocusBT can be configured to
require a valid Bluetooth PIN. In this case, the PIN used by a remote device while
establishing connection to the FocusBT, must match the one previously stored in
*Bluetooth PIN Not Required Bluetooth PIN Required
To store a Bluetooth PIN
The FocusBT can be configured to store a Bluetooth PIN so that any remote
device trying to establish a connection with the scanner, must match the stored
PIN before a connection will made. The stored PIN must be numeric and be
between 4 to 16 digits long. A PIN that does not satisfy the criteria will not be
After scanning the following bar code, the next bar code scanned will be stored
and used as the Bluetooth PIN. This feature is used in conjunction with the
Bluetooth PIN required feature.
Next bar code is Bluetooth PIN
Scanning the Recall Defaults bar code resets the PIN to the default
value of 0000.
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