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Battery Installation
MS1633 FocusBT is a battery powered scanner. Before the FocusBT can be
placed in operation for the first time, the battery must be charged for a
minimum of 8 hours.
To install the battery:
1. Align the tabs of the charged battery pack with the slots on the scanner’s
2. Then, slide the battery pack up toward the top of the scanner. There will be
a snap when the battery is installed correctly.
Figure 7. Steps for Installing the Battery
Low Battery Warning
When the battery is low the unit will add an additional beep after the good scan
beep. The additional beep alerts the user when there is less than 10% of a
charge left on the battery.
Removing the Battery for Charging
In order to charge the battery, it must be disconnected from the scanner.
1. Turn off the battery by pressing the button near the base of the battery.
2. Disengage the lock on end of the scanner handle (see below).
3. Slide the battery pack down away from the head of the scanner.
4. Lift the battery straight off the scanner handle (see below).
Figure 8. Steps for Removing the Battery for Charging
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