The QuantumT
® is a hands-free, omnidirectional bar code scanner with optional
single-line scanning capabilities. It utilizes the powerful Metrologic QuantumE
scan engine to provide an outstanding scan performance on all standard 1D
barcode symbologies, including RSS. This fully enclosed scanner includes large
easily visible LEDs and a rugged protective boot with an adjustable stand. The
QuantumT can be mounted to a countertop, wall or be left free standing for
handheld scanning.
Key Product Features
Fully Automatic Scanning Operation
Single-Line Mode for Menu Reading
Custom Configurable Scan Pattern
User-Replaceable Single Cable Interface to Host (PowerLink Compatible)
Decoding of All Standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS Limited and Expanded RSS
Bar Codes
7 Beeper Tones
Configurable Depth of Field
Flash - Upgradeable Firmware
OPOS and JPOS System Compatible
Sunrise 2005 Compliant
MS3580-9 OCIA and RS232 Transmit/Receive
MS3580-11 IBM 46xx and Full RS232
MS3580-38 RS232 Low Speed USB,
Keyboard Emulation Mode or Serial Emulation Mode*
MS3580-40 Full Speed USB
MS3580-41 RS232/Light Pen Emulation
MS3580-47 Keyboard Wedge, Stand-Alone Keyboard and
RS232 Transmit/Receive
MS3580-104 RS232 TTL, Laser Emulation
* Configurable for Keyboard Emulation Mode or Serial Emulation Mode.
Default setting is Keyboard Emulation Mode.
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