Light Source: Visible Laser Diode (VLD) @ 650 nm
Laser Power: 1.1 mW
Normal Depth of Field: 19 mm - 273 mm (.75"- 10.75")
Reduced Depth of Field: 19 mm - 146 mm (.75"- 5.75")
0.33 mm (13 mil)
bar code
Omni Scan
Scan Speed: 1650 scan lines per second
No. of Scan Lines: 20
Scan Speed: 80 scan lines per second
No. of Scan Lines: 1
Scan Speed: 320 scan lines per second
No. of Scan Lines: 4
Motor Speed: 5000 RPM
Min Bar Width: 0.127 mm (5.0 mil)
Decode Capability: All standard 1-D bar codes including RSS-14,
RSS-Expanded, and RSS-14 Limited
System Interfaces:
RS232, Keyboard Wedge, Stand-Alone Keyboard, Light Pen
Emulation, IBM468x/469x, USB (low speed and full speed),
Laser Emulation, RS232 TTL, OCIA
Print Contrast: 35% minimum reflectance difference
No. Characters Read: Up to 80 data characters
Maximum number will vary based on symbology and density.
Beeper Operation: 7 tones or no beep
Blue = laser on, ready to scan
Indicators (LED): White = good read, decoding
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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