Audible Indicators
When the MS3580 is in operation, it provides audible feedback to indicate the
status of the scanner. Eight settings are available for the tone of the beep
(normal, 6 alternate tones and no tone). For instructions on how to change the
tone of the beeper, refer to the MetroSelect Configuration Guide (00-02407).
One Beep
When the scanner first receives power the white LED will flash, the blue LED
will turn on and the scanner will beep once (the white LED will remain on for
the duration of the beep). The scanner is now ready to scan.
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code, the white LED will flash and
the scanner will emit a beep (if configured to do so). If the scanner does not
beep once and the white light does not flash, then the bar code has not been
successfully read.
Razzberry Tone
This is a failure indicator. Refer to Failure Mode Indicators on page 21.
Three Beeps - during operation
When placing the scanner in configuration mode, the white LED will flash
while the scanner simultaneously beeps three times. The white and blue
LEDs will continue to flash until the unit exits configuration mode. Upon exiting
configuration mode, the scanner will beep three times and the white LED will
stop flashing.
When configured, 3 beeps can also indicate a communications timeout during
normal scanning mode.
When using one-code-configuring, the scanner will beep three times: the
current selected tone, followed by a short pause, a high tone and a low tone.
This tells the user that the single configuration bar code has successfully
configured the scanner.
Three Beeps - on power up
This is a failure indicator. Refer to Failure Mode Indicators on page 21.
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