Configurable Primary and Secondary Scan Pattern Modes
There are two configurable scan pattern modes available with the MS3580.
The primary scan pattern mode is the default scan pattern active when the
scanner starts.
The secondary scan pattern mode is activated by pressing the button
located on the side of the scanner. This mode is also referred to as the
button mode. For additional information on Quantums button modes and an
example of each, please refer to Configurable Button Functions below.
The scanner returns to the primary scan pattern mode after a double
click of the button or if the unit has not scanned a bar code for the
duration of a pre-configured time limit.
Each pattern mode can be configured to use one of three scan patterns listed
below. Please refer to the MetroSelect Configuration Guide for information on
changing the default scan pattern settings.
all scan lines on (omnidirectional reading)
single-line (menu reading)
horizontal raster
If CodeGate is enabled, it will apply to the secondary pattern mode
when scanning. For detailed information on CodeGate and the button
refer to the Configurable Button Functions.
Configurable Button Functions
The button on the side of the MS3580 can be configured to function in one of
four modes.
Button Click Mode, with CodeGate Enabled (Default)
Button Click Mode, with CodeGate Disabled
Button Hold Mode, with CodeGate Enabled
Button Hold Mode, with CodeGate Disabled
The following pages include examples of how the button will function when the
unit has been configured to operate in each of the four button modes.
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