Full Speed or Low Speed USB
1. Turn off the host device.
2. Plug the male 10-pin RJ45 end of
the USB cable into the 10-pin
socket on the MS3580.
3. Plug the other end of the USB
interface cable into the host
device’s USB port.
4. Turn on the host device.
When the scanner first receives power, the blue LED will turn on; the
scanner will simultaneously emit a beep and flash the white LED.
As a default, the MS3580-38 leaves the factory with USB Keyboard
Emulation Mode enabled.
For information on configuring the MS3580-38 for USB Serial
Emulation Mode, please refer to Section P: Low Speed USB in the
MetroSelect Configuration Guide (MLPN 00-02407).
Plugging the scanner into the USB port of the PC does not guarantee
that scanned information will appear at the PC. A software driver and
correct configuration setting are also required for proper
communication to occur.
See page 5.
Figure 12.
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