Quick Start
1.) Plug in the scanner. When the MS951 is ready to
scan, the red LED will turn on, followed by the
green LED, and then the scanner will emit one
2.) The scanner is shipped from the factory pro-
grammed with default settings. To configure
the MS951 scanner to meet the host system’s
specific needs, refer to the Programming
Guide (MLPN 2366) for instructions on how
to enter the program mode and to select the
appropriate bar codes.
Note: Keyboard Wedge scanners default to Keyboard Wedge
Communications and USA, AT keyboard when the Recall
Defaults is scanned. With all other versions, the Recalll Defaults
barcode configures the MS951 for an RS-232 interface. If RS-232
is not being used, scan at least one other bar code to enable OCIA,
Light Pen or 46xx.
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