Scanner and Accessories
The following is a list of the parts included in the MS951 shipping
!MS951 Hand-Held Laser Scanner - Refer to page 28 for
available communication protocols
!Stand (MLPN 45482)
!Optional Power Transformer 120V or 220V or 240V (AC in)
5V (DC out) @300mA regulated (MLPN 46010/46009/46008)
for applications where host power is not available
!Installation and User’s Guide (MLPN2365)
!MS951 Hand-Held Laser Scanner including all
Scanner Configurations Programming Guide
(MLPN 2366)
Keyboard Wedge Scanners:
!Adaptor Cable with a 5-pin DIN male connector on one
end and a 6-pin mini DIN female connector on the other
(MLPN 19716)
RS-232, Light Pen, some OCIA and some 46xx scanners:
!MCA (Metrologic Connector Adaptor) (MLPN MCA951)
!For direct connect application (No Power Transformer)
4 position MCA ground jumper (MLPN 51191)
!RS-232 Scanner Demonstration Program (Receive)
diskette (MLPN 2351)
Other items may be ordered for the specific protocol being used. To order
additional items, contact the dealer, distributor or call Metrologic’s
Customer Service Department at 1-800-ID-METRO or 1-800-436-3876.
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