The scanning process is initiated by an infrared device (ScanQuestâ„¢ Sensor)
that is active as long as power is applied to the unit. The infrared (IR) signal
extends approximately eight (8) inches beyond the scan window in long range
mode. In short range mode it extends approximately three (3) inches beyond
the scan window. To activate the unit, wave an object in front of the IR sensor
or pick up the scanner and direct the scan window down-wards.
When the unit is activated by the IR sensor, the red LED will remain on. This
is a visual indication that the laser is on and the scanner is beginning a
sequence of bar code recognition, decoding, and transmission. When an object
is in the scan field, the laser determines if a bar code is present. If a bar code is
not detected within approximately 2.5 seconds, the red LED will shut off
indicating that the laser is no longer on. To reactivate the scanning sequence,
the object must be removed and another object must be presented.
When a bar code is recognized, the scanner will decode the bar code and then
transmit the data to the host system. When this occurs, the green LED will
flash and the scanner will beep when the decoding is complete. At this time,
the laser will turn off if the object is removed from the field. However, if the
object stays in the field the laser remains on for up to 2.5 seconds trying to
detect another bar code. This feature allows very fast consecutive scans of
symbols in close proximity, such as a wall of boxes or cartons, or a bar coded
menu. The laser will stay on for approximately 4 seconds and then will turn off
if the same symbol stays in the field after a successful scan. This prevents
unintentional reads of the same bar code. To read the same symbol more than
once, simply remove the object from the scan field for approximately 1 second
and then the scanner can then scan the same symbol on the next pass.
The MS951 Hand-Held Laser Scanner with Built-in PC Keyboard Wedge
Interface is designed to be used for keyboard emulation only. However, many
RS-232 programmable functions that are available in other Metrologic
scanners are also available as keyboard wedge functions. The most important
selectable options specific to the keyboard wedge are the following:
Keyboard Type
!** AT (includes IBM PS2 models 50, 55, 60, 80)
!IBM PS2 (includes models 30, 70, 8556)
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