Pin Assignments for the MCA951 (DEC9S)
Located on the MCA is a 9-pin female D-type connector used to connect the
MCA to the host device. The output signals on the 9-pin host end of the MCA
are dependent upon which version of the scanner that is being used. The
following is a list of the pin assignments for the different versions:
Version “9” (OCIA) Version “11” (46XX)
Pin Function Pin Function
1OCIA Shield Ground 1Shield Ground
2RDATA 2RS-232 Transmit Output
3RDATA Return 3RS-232 Receiver Input
4Clock Out 4IBM 4680 -B
5Power/Signal Ground 5Power/Signal Ground
6Clock Out Return 6IBM 4680 +A
7Clock In Return 7Clear to Send Input
8Clock In 8Request to Send Output
*9 +5VDC Power to Scanner *9 +5VDC Power to Scanner
Version “14” (232) Version “15” (LTPN)
Pin Function PinFunction
1Shield Ground 1Shield Ground
2RS-232 Transmit Output 2RS-232 Transmit Output
3RS-232 Receiver Input 3RS-232 Receive Input
4Data Terminal Ready Input 4Light Pen Source (+5V Input)
5Power/Signal Ground 5Power/Signal Ground
6Data Set Ready Output 6Light Pen Data (Output)
7Clear to Send Input 7Clear to Send (Input)
8Request to Send Output 8Request to Send (Output)
9 +5VDC Power to Scanner *9 +5VDC Power to Scanner
*When the host supplies power to the scanner, this is the pin
assignment for the +5VDC for the scanner. If, in the application,
the host device will supply the power necessary for the scanner,
reposition an internal jumper within the MCA and plug the 4
position ground jumper to the power supply connector for FCC
and ESD purposes. (Refer to Scanner Installation: Powered by
External Power Supply page 6).
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