Smudges and dirt can interfere with the proper scanning of a bar code.
Therefore, the output window will need occasional cleaning.
1. Spray glass cleaner onto lint free, non-abrasive cleaning cloth.
2. Gently wipe the scanner window.
Applications and Protocols
The model number on each scanner includes the scanner number and
communications protocol.
Scanner Version Identifier Communication Protocol(s)
951 9 OCIA (OCIA)
951 11 IBM® 4683/4 (46XX)
951 14 RS-232 (232)
951 15 Light Pen Emulation (LTPN)
951 47 Keyboard Wedge (KBW)
951 48 Keyboard Laser Scanner (KBW)
951 57 Keyboard Wedge (KBW)
(external power supply)
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