Visual Indicators
There is a red and green LED at the top of the scanner. These LEDs indicate
the status of the scan and scanner.
No Red or Green Illumination of the LEDs will not occur if
the scanner is not receiving power from the
PC and if the scanner is receiving power but
has remained dormant for a specified time
thus turning the laser and motor off.
Red Flash; Green Flash; When the scanner first receives power,
Steady Red the red LED will flash, followed by the
green LED, and then the scanner will beep
Steady Red When the laser is on, the red LED will also
be on. This occurs when an object is in the
scan field.
Steady Red; Green Flash When the scanner successfully reads a bar
code, the green LED will flash then beep
Repetitive Red Flashes When the red LED flashes several times while
it lays upon a stationary surface, then an
object is within the scan field and is activating
the IR sensor. This can occur even while the
scanner is lying upon the counter or cradle. To
eliminate this disturbance, direct the scan
window toward a different location.
Steady Green After a successful scan, the scanner transmits
the data to the host device. When the host is
ready to accept the information, the scan-
ner’s green LED will remain on until the
data can transmit.
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