Audible Indicators
When the MS951 scanner is in operation, it provides audible indications.
These sounds indicate the status of the scan and scanner.
One Beep When the scanner first receives power, the red LED
will blink, followed by the green LED, and then the
scanner will emit one beep. After the scanner per-
forms this startup sequence, the scanner is ready to
When the scanner successfully reads a bar code, the
green light will flash and then beep once. If the scanner
does not beep once and the green light does not flash,
then the bar code has not been successfully read.
Razzberry Tone If, upon power up, the scanner emits a razzberry tone,
then the scanner has failed diagnostics.
Three Beeps
When entering the program mode, the green LED will
∗∗∗ flash three times while the scanner simultaneously
beeps three times. When exiting the program mode,
the same visual and audible indications will occur.
After this sequence is completed, the red LED will
turn off.
There are four settings that are available for the volume of the beep. To change
the volume or turn the beeper off, refer to the Programming Guide MLPN
2366 section: Beeper Tones.
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