Figure 2
Components of the MS900 Series Stand
The following are the components used to build the MS900 series stand
(MLPN: 45482):
1Cradle 4Wood Screws
2Stand Cover 5Internal Lock Washer
3Stand Base 6Flexible Shaft
Installation of the MS900 Series Stand
1. Use the 2½ inch x 2½ inch stand base to mark the position for pilot holes.
2. Use the four wood screws to secure the base to the work surface.
3. Position the stand cover on top of the stand base. Screw the flexible
shaft to the stand base (Refer to Figure 3).
4. Place the internal lock washer on top of the flexible shaft and then
screw the cradle to the shaft (Refer to Figures 4 and 5).
Note: Fasten the stand to the work surface before adjusting the angle of
the flexible shaft. To adjust the angle, firmly hold the shaft and
push the shaft to a north, south, east, or west direction.
Caution: This device can generate an electromagnetic field. Position stand at
least 12 inches from computer monitor, diskettes, or other
magnetically sensitive devices.
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