Coil Cable
Green and Red LEDs
Laser Output Window
ScanQuest™ Infrared
Object Sensor
Figure 1
Parts of the MS951
Green and Red LEDs When the red LED is on, this indicates that
the laser is on. When the green LED flashes
on, the scanner has read a bar code success-
fully. When the green light turns off, com-
unication to the host is complete.
Laser Output Window Laser light emits from this aperture.
ScanQuest™ Infrared When a specified time has elapsed without
Object Sensor any scanning, the unit will enter a “standby”
mode. To reactivate the unit, wave an object
in front of the IR (infrared) sensor or pick up
the scanner and direct the scan window
downwards. When the red LED comes on, the
scanner is ready to scan.
Coil Cable This cable is terminated with a 10-pin
modular connector, which attaches to the
MCA951. The Keyboard Wedge unit has a
"y" coil cable terminated with a 5-pin female
on one end, and a 6-pin male on the other.
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