IBM 4683 and 4693 Terminals Driven by a 46XX Store
Controller Running 4680.OS or 4690.OS
Access the terminal configuration menu on the store controller. If not already
selected, select an IBM 1520 laser hand scanner (4680.OS Port 5B), an IBM
4500 hand-held bar code reader (CCD, 4680.OS Port 9B), or an IBM 3687-2
fixed scanner (4680.OS Port 17) that matches the configuration of the scanner.
Regarding the 4690.OS, at the time of this printing, Metrologic does not know
exactly which terminal port configuration screen is used for selecting scanners.
It should be listed under the Port 9A, 9B, 9C, or 9E sections. The 4693
terminal has a Port 5B that was originally used for the IBM 1520 scanner.
While IBM has withdrawn this product, it was not clear how terminal
configuration and device driver support would be provided for the installed
base of users.
Save the configuration and activate it for the desired terminals, download the
configuration to the terminal(s) per standard procedures.
IBM 4684 and 4694 Systems
Initialize the RIPPS drivers for a hand scanner if hand scanner emulation was
selected. Initialize the RIPPS drivers for a "POS scanner" if the 3687-2
scanner has been selected.
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