Configuring the Scanner with 46XX Interface
To configure an MS951 Version “11” scanner for general autodiscriminate
applications, scan the following bar codes found in the Programming Guide
MLPN 2366:
Enter/Exit Program Mode
Recall Defaults
Enable IBM 46XX Interface (If necessary, change the emulation.)
Enter/Exit Program Mode
Disconnect and reconnect the scanner to allow the terminal device driver to
initialize for the emulation mode selected properly.
Operating Characteristics
The MS951 supports the enable/disable commands that newer 46XX device
drivers use to support scanners. If the scanner does not appear to work beyond
the good power on diagnostics' beep, check that the application is at a prompt
that expects scanner input.
For some slow application software, there are special features in the MS951
that may change the scanner operating characteristics to prevent data loss
while not significantly slowing the scanner performance.
They include:
Beep After Transmit R50 - Beep before transmission (default)
R51 - Beep after transmission
R20 - No inter record delay
R21 - 25 m/sec inter record delay (default)
R22 - 50 m/sec inter record delay
R23 - 125 m/sec inter record delay
Experiment with these options to find the combination that works best for the
Configuring the IBM 46XX
The 4683 and 4693 terminals are configured on the store controller. The 4684
and 4694 terminals are typically configured on the individual terminals.
Follow the appropriate guide for the type of equipment.
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