Configuration of the MS951/MS961- 48 Scanner
The Keyboard Laser Scanner version of the MS951 is terminated with a 6-pin
male mini DIN. The version 48 plugs directly into the external keyboard port
of a register or notebook computer.
Application Test:
The MS951/MS961-48 is compatible with some but not all notebook
computers equipped with an external keyboard port. It has been proven to
work with an IBM 4614 Sure One POS terminal. Due to variations in host
systems, Metrologic cannot guarantee that the MS951/MS961-48 will work
with the system.
A reliable test for compatibility would be to connect an external keyboard to
the notebook and power up the unit. If the notebook accepts data from both the
external keyboard and the built in keyboard, the notebook is likely to work
with the MS951/MS961-48.
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