MS951- 57 and MS961- 57 Scanner Installation to the PC
(Scanner with Built-in PC Keyboard Wedge Interface)
To maintain compliance with applicable standards, all circuits connected to the
scanner must meet the requirements for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)
according to EN 60950.
1. This version uses an external power supply. The “Y” coil cable is
terminated with a 5-pin DIN female connector on one end, and a 6-pin
mini DIN male on the other. Also included with the MS951 is an
adaptor cable with a 5-pin male DIN on one end and a 6-pin female
mini DIN on the other to mate to a specific keyboard. According to the
termination required, connect the appropriate end of the adaptor cable
to the coil cable, leaving the necessary termination exposed for
connecting to the keyboard and the keyboard port on the PC. Refer to
Appendix C page 40 for pin assignments.
2. If the PC is on, exit the application and turn the PC off.
3. Disconnect the keyboard from the PC.
4. Plug one end of the coil cable into the keyboard connector on the PC.
Then plug the keyboard connector into the other end of the coil cable.
Plug in the external transformer. Connect AC power to the trans-
5. Power up the PC.
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