9-pin D
10 Position Modular Connector
at the end of the Coil Cable
Scanner Installation: Powered by External Power Supply
To maintain compliance with applicable standards, all circuits connected to the
scanner must meet the requirements for SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage)
according to EN 60950.
1. Turn off the host system.
2. If using a communication cable, connect the cable to the correct port on
the host device and the MCA (Metrologic Connector Adaptor). If the
host device is an IBM compatible PC with a male 9-pin serial port,
connect the MCA to the port.
3. Plug the scanner’s coil cable into the MCA.
4. Check the AC input requirements of the power supply to make sure the
voltage matches the AC outlet. (the socket-outlet shall be installed near
the equipment and shall be easily accessible.) Plug the power supply
into the MCA and the AC outlet.
5. Turn on the host system.
Note: a. When the scanner first receives power, the red LED will turn
on, followed by the green LED, and then the scanner will beep
b. Plugging the scanner into the serial port of the PC does not
guarantee that scanned information will appear at the PC. A
software driver and correct configuration setting are also
required for proper communication to occur.
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