Tally Dascom 1140
6.5 Customize Fanfold Page Formatting Parameters
The customizations of the form length, TOF, bottom and left margins for fanfold are exactly
the same as describe. All you need is to bypass the Single Sheet menu under Customize
Form. Follow step 1 in section 6.1:
Customize Form
[[TEAR]=Back, [LF]=Next, [LOAD/EJECT]=OK, [ONLINE]=Exit,
[ONLINE]+[LOAD/EJECT]=Save and restart the printer.
Single sheet
Then hit “Next” instead to get into the fanfold parameter menus:
[Tractor Paper]
Form Length
Refer section 6.1 to 6.4 for details on customizing the form length, TOF, bottom margin, and
left margin for fanfold.
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