Tally Dascom 1140
6 Customized Form
This printer allows the customization on the form length, TOF, bottom margin and left margin
for single sheets and fanfold. Restore Factory Defaults can recover these default values.
Selecting the Define value(s) in section 5.2 (Paper Setup menu) allows the printer to take up the
customized page formatting value(s).
The parameter setting procedures involve:
1. The printer prompts the dialogs and you follow the prompts.
2. Before every measurement or change, the print instructs you to unload the
conversation form from the printer.
3. With the exception of measuring the form length for cut sheets, always set the lever to
the tractors position .
4. For form length measurement, insert the customized form from the proper paper path.
The other six settings are actually done on general fanfold forms --- not the actual
customized form. Fanfold paper gives direct visual results on the TOF, bottom and left
margins even though cut sheets will be used in actual application.
6.1 Customize Cut Sheet Form Length
1. Hold down both the Online and Load/Eject keys while powering on the printer and
then release the keys when the carriage initializes and beeps once. After loading a
form the printer prompts:
Customize Form
[TEAR]=Back, [LF]=Next, [LOAD/EJECT]=OK, [ONLINE]=Exit,
[ONLINE]+[LOAD/EJECT]=Save and restart the printer.
Single sheet
2. Press “OK” to start customizing all or part of 4 parameters for single sheet. The printer
[Single sheet]
Form Length
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